AstroSYNErgetic Coaching

1:1 Coaching

One to one coaching is a powerful way to receive personalized guidance and support to enhance both your emotional and physical well-being while navigating the perimenopausal stage of life.

Individualized coaching allows me to serve the unique needs of each one of my clients. 

We form a partnership to set realistic goals, overcome obstacles, and navigate the complexities of having such a busy life while your body is changing.

VIP: The Shooting Star

You know you are meant for more in life so you keep running from point A to B but now you’re experiencing some exhaustion and burnout. Lacking the energy you used to have. 

You’ve been trying many things but you can’t seem to get the results you are looking for.

So now, you would like to work with someone to identify what you’re missing.

But you want answers NOW and are ready to implement.

Then VIP is the move for you!

AstroThrive Reading

Understanding your natal placements can help you better support yourself on a day-to day basis.

No more overwhelm or burnout once you understand how to align your health and nutrition with your energetic code.

When you feel great and are in alignment with who you were created to be so many great things follow.

Yoga with Dani

Moving your body is essential to increasing longevity.

Yoga is a holistic practice that combines physical postures, breath control, meditation, and ethical principles to promote overall well-being.

When using yoga for exercise, it offers a unique blend of strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.

If your interested in using yoga as exercise click the link below to learn more.

1:1 Coaching

Working with me 1:1 will allow us to deeply explore any personal challenges, stressors, and lifestyle factors that may be affecting both your physical and emotional health. Please book a call to speak with me if:

The Shooting Star

VIP Session

I am here to help YOU outline how to engage the right habits and manage your time so that you can continue to operate as you always have. We will work together to identify what you may need to change to get you accomplishing your day-to-day as you wish. We will create a personalized roadmap to ensure that the plan we create is energetically aligned with how you operate best to prevent any fatigue and/or overwhelm. 

Shooting Star Includes
5 hour Session

AstroThrive Reading

This 60 minute session is for you if you:

Yoga w/ Dani

Coming Soon

I absolutely love yoga for so many reasons! It allows me to incorporate different techniques that are beneficial to our health. I also get to have fun and integrate my own unique style into my practice. So, I hope you’ll join me.

Below are a few reasons yoga benefits your health and wellness through increasing your energy and movement.

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