Hey I’m  Dr. Danielle Willis, Certified Wellness Coach who uses a unique blend of expertise in astrology and energetics so busy mothers and women can continue to THRIVE doing what they LOVE!


I’m Dr. Dani

A mother of a beautiful teenage daughter, yogi, a loving friend, dog lover, and a woman who built her business while working full-time in Corporate.

I consider myself a natural born hustler being a mom and a business woman juggling many things in life and business. 

I am a Doctor of Education who has worked in healthcare most of my corporate career. I have experience on the clinical side as well as administration, and information technology.

I charge this energy to my Capricorn moon placement. It keeps me going. Understanding this energy is why I use Astro Synergetics™ to help busy moms and women lean into a holistic way to optimize their well-being.

about my work

Astro Synergetics™  is  a unique blend of expertise in astrology and energetics, carving a niche for myself focusing on the profound connection between celestial energies and physical well-being.

My innovative approach combines ancient wisdom with modern understanding, offering a transformative experience to busy women seeking a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit.

What sets me apart from other wellness coaches is my ability to seamlessly integrate the cosmic wisdom of astrology with the subtle energies that surround us, creating a powerful synergy that empowers individuals to embark on a transformative wellness journey.

My compassionate and empathetic approach, coupled with a wealth of knowledge, allows my clients to explore their inner selves, align with their natural rhythms, and achieve optimal physical health.

                   What better reward than that!


Sharing all that I have learned over time with you beautiful women so that we can live a vivacious life of PURPOSE, LOVE, and, THRIVELYNESS. 


"Working with Danielle has been exceptional! Without Danielle I would still be on my five year exit plan thinking it is impossible to replace my six figure salary. Danielle has given me the tools, insights, knowledge, and clarity to make my vision a reality. Thank you, Danielle!"
Tess B.
Working with Danielle has been enlightening! Before working with Danielle I put others before myself, lacked sleep, and was just surviving the day to day. After our time together I had a clear picture of what was happening in my life. Sticking to the plan that Danielle and I created together made a significant difference in not only my mind and body, but also my career.
Latoya G.
Before working with Danielle I had a three-year exit plan from my job. Without Danielle I would still think it was impossible to earn a salary as an artist. Danielle has given me the tools, insight, knowledge, and clarity to make my vision a reality. I am so excited. thank you, Danielle!
Tracey O.




Every move I make is intended for you to succeed. I am extremely passionate about ALL that I do. This is not just a hobby for me. It is what I LOVE. 

I thrive off of helping others reach success, and take great joy in seeing them make a life for themselves and their families.

It is my mission to help as many women as possible thrive, revive, and feel energized.



I am not just a dreamer but a leader who has trained and mentored others into high level corporate positions.

I have undergone rigorous training to certify in life, health, and astrology practices, and degree programs that have prepared me to excel in many avenues of my own personal life and business.

So no worries my dear friend, trust that when we work together your vision for yourself and family are in great hands.



I am here for you!

I have your back and will provide the support you need to accomplish your goals.

With me having your best interest at heart everything I recommend or share with you about your health and wellness will be to meet the ultimate goal.

Rest assured, all recommendations from me come from a place of love and with full integrity. I got you!

"When I started working with Dani I was at the verge of giving up because I was not seeing any hope in my business. Dani helped me find purpose and steered me in the right direction in my business and life. Through her resources, I have started working on my goals which have been eye-opening and motivating. The lessons I have learnt are both applying to my personal and business life. Thank you, Dani!"